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Elisabeth created the non profit association Terre de Licorne together with Marie-Jo Boudarel Secretary and Paul Florea Treasurer. Our mission is to contribute to raise public consciousness on protecting animals and preserving biodiversity.

Elisabeth Dancet is passionate about protecting our environment and the animal cause. She believes that human beings and other species on our beautiful planet will be happier and thriving in a world of compassion and harmony, where the masculine-feminine energy balance becomes a reality.

Besides her expertise as a Human Resources Consultant and Professional Coach, Elisabeth is also the author of documentaries, videos, books, screenplays and short films including:

  • Videos and conference project Citizens Initiatives for COP21 (2015)·
  • Leadership Videos on Youtube channel Drh-tv (2013)·
  • Building Leadership” book published by Julhiet Editions (2010)·
  • Destinies” fiction feature film script (2003),·
  • Produced and directed a short fiction film “The Zen Master” (2002) selected at the Köln Festival in Germany and the Athens, Ohio Festival·
  • Wrote a feature film script “Liu and the trees” (2000)·
  • Author of a fiction novel “The Wave of the Moon” (1997)·
  • Author of “Dare to change” personal development book with Josy Marie Ibanez published by Editions Vivez Soleil, (1996).

Elisabeth hosts conferences around this video series on Remarkable Women and on Preserving biodiversity and contributing to evolution.


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