The nonprofit organization Terre de Licorne works for the preservation of biodiversity, and the protection of wild and domestic animal species, living species with which we share our planet.




– Communicate, promote and publicize initiatives in France, Europe and worldwide to protect and care for animals and preserve biodiversity.


– Support the work of outstanding and committed individuals who work to save and protect endangered animal species, whether through hunting, poaching, habitat destruction or abuse, show the work of inspiring people preserving biodiversity.


OUR ACTIONS : – we produce videos and web-documentaries, disseminate them via social networks, Internet and other distribution channels, conduct and publish interviews of people working actively in these areas. – we participate in events related to the object to promote the awakening of consciousness in relation to the animal cause and the preservation of our biodiversity. – we organize events and more generally any media action, publish works online or through the press, TV and the Internet, use derivative or promotional products to raise public awareness about the animal cause, our biodiversity, our interdependence with other living species, along with ways to feed ourselves in ways more respectful of the environment and other living species on our planet. Visit our youtube channel over here.